Friday, July 10, 2009

My baby brother Chris

So this is my baby brother Chris. Yes he is still my baby brother even though he is alot bigger than me. I can still take him down and he knows it! Ha! This is one person I can count on for anything. We have a unique relationship but then again if you knew our growing up years it would make sense. We really relied on each other most of our younger years. But Chris is one person I would drop anything for to be there for him and I know he is the same with me. I can not talk to him for a month then call and it was like we spoke just yesterday. Even though I may not speak to him all the time I sure do love him!

My Sleepy Baby

So this is what I came home to the other night. My monkey passed out on the couch. He has had baseball camp this week and his best friend Josh has been coming back home with him after camp. They have been swimming most afternoons. I just love sleeping pictures of my boys - they are sweet and innocent. Not like it is when they are awake. Whew!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July Pics

Here is the Coats Family on the 4th of July - actually the 3rd but it was our 4th celebration!

Me with my niece and nephew - Derek and Lauryn. Aren't they sweet!

Bet you can't guess who this hot man is!!!

Me with my mini me!

Ahh the skater boy Christian! Just keeps getting hotter by the day!