Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Family Pics!!!

So this past weekend our good friend Bridgette called and said lets go take some fall pics of the family! Me loving fall said SWEET lets do it! Here is a few of the pics!

My boys by our favorite tree at Mcclure Park! It is so pretty! Look at my handsome men!

God I love this man! You are my rock babe!

I love this picture of my boys. They look so sweet and innocent - which we all know better. But they sure are awesome. Of course they are - they belong to me!

This is my favorite family picture. It hides my fat!!!! LOL! But I love these pictures - Bridgette did a great job!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love Fall!

I was outside earlier just looking at all the trees and noticing how they are all changing colors right now. That is one thing that I love about Oklahoma - you can actually see the seasons changing. All the pretty reds, oranges, and even brown. Never thought brown to be a pretty color but it looks pretty in a collage of trees. Plus the dying heat of the summer is gone. But the downfall is it gets darker alot earlier. So that means I have to deal with my kids even longer now! Oh well it is a good thing I am a good mom - right?!

Criminal Minds is tonight!! Yes I love that show!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally Friday!

I am so glad that it is Friday! I can finally sleep in after 3 weeks of getting up early. Yea I can't wait to NOT hear the alarm clock! I know I am sad if this is what it takes to make me happy.

But I can watch football, get my haircut, shop a little, and did I mention sleep?? Plus I am sure I will spend a few hours talking to my girl Angel. Her mom sure did give her the right name. I always do the -Poor me-thing but after hearing about her I really should not complain. I really missed her and now I feel complete and if you read any of our emails you would think we were lesbians. LOL! We are far from being lesbians! I really missed her. It is funny how people can come and go in your life but some are in your heart forever. She has been in my heart ever since I met her. I love ya girlie!!!

Ok now wipe your eyes and suck it up and live people!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Fair is officially over! Yeah!

We survived yet another fair. This was my 7th fair - I guess it is true that when you work one you keep coming back for more. I had a blast this fair even though it was colder than ice outside! But here is a few random pics from the fair.

Sheila Amish Stalking!!

Aerial Act - these girls were cute and skinny but so not worth the money we paid them! They did 6 - 5 minute shows a day.

My girls that keep me sane and make work fun!

I just love this flag! It is huge!
But I am so glad it is over - I am ready for some normalcy - whatever that is.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 10 at the Fair!

Tonight was Shinedown!! Brandy and I worked our butts off but we had a total blast! The crowd was ginormous! Yes ginormous! Shinedown said it was the largest crowd they have played for to date. Oh yea at the Tulsa State Fair!
Shinedown on the stage! They sounded AWESOME! We found out through the merchandise girl Teresa that the lead singer has had the flu for 4 days and you couldnt even tell he was sick! But Teresa is his girl so she would know!

Oh yea I got to meet them!!! I was doing a major happy dance after this shot! Shinedown and their whole crew was awesome to work with! I hope they come back to Tulsa.

Here was their playlist! Awesome awesome and oh yea did I say awesome!!

I have to say this was the best fair night for me this fair! Preston got me a signed poster - Teresa gave me a free shirt - then got to meet them! Total awesome night!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fair Words Footnote

I think we are a little delirious now and the words we are coming up with dont even make sense to us! LOL!!

Day 9 at the Fair!

So Sheila and Brandy went and bought their own rainboots and ear muffs and gloves. Here they are sporting their new duds! Aren't they so stylish? Watch out Prada here somes Sheila and Brandy! LOL!

Pictures of the sand sculpture in the Just For Kids building!

This stuff amazes me!

There is a sandbox for kids that goes all around the sand sculpture. I would be so worried that a kid would throw something at it. But so far so good!

Day 8 at the Fair!

So today we got our monsoon rains! It was crazy crazy. The fair was actually closed down due to the weather - even the buildings. Blue Oyster Cult had a band member stuck in Dallas but they still performed. But we all got to go home early and catch up some sleep and none of us were complaining. But look at us goofballs - pouring rain and we are all drenched and having a ball. Love these girls - they sure make the fair fun!

Here is one of all us - Brandy had to have a corn dog see the mustard just about to fall on her.

And her is my Anita - she is my LL - so none of you even think of hitting on her!! LOL! I am so funny! She got new rainboots so we had to take a picture of it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 7 at the Fair!!

Sheila and I back stage at Charlie Daniels! We were making Brandy jealous! She left early so we decided to make her jealous!

Ok here is a decent shot of us and our fair hair! Lovin the golf cart wind blown hair!

Here is Mr Charlie Daniels! He had the best sound so far out of all the concerts. He is still rocking it and has been in the business for 52 years. Found out his son was born at Hillcrest - that is where my boys were born! Great concert and her merchandiser was awesome. Really enjoyed it!

And here is also who was entertaining me! This guy was so drunk and all I could do was laugh and film him!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 6 at the Fair

Keith Anderson was tonight! We had an awesome view as you can tell. I took our beach towel for Sheila so she could wipe her chin from all the drool!

Here he is getting ready for his encore!

Sheila was really wanting to get in that box so she could go on the bus! But it was locked - sorry Sheila!

Look at these 2 crazy nuts. Brandy is FINALLY feeling more human so she is ready to have some fun and boy did she!
Words of the Day - (because one just isn't enough)
Flatbaby - our laptop that has become a part of our possy.
LL - lesbian lovers - Sheila and Brandy are LL's - but I keep telling them to keep it on the DL - down low!
Mean Mugging - that is all the people that are giving us dirty looks because they have to walk and we have a golf cart. They mean mug us! Sorry bout ya!
Here is a sentence using all our words of the day.
I will beat you with the flatbaby for mean mugging my LL!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 5 at the Fair!

Tonight's concert was Mercy Me. They had a huge crowd - not the pic above - and they were all extremly nice. I made a customers night - he was trying really hard to get some pictures of Mercy Me while they were performing and I offered to take his camera and get some better shots. I did and he was EXTREMLY happy. See it is the small things - and it made me feel good. Anyways - the drummers little boy Levi is about 3 or 4 and he was so dang precious. He had his own mic stand behind the stage and he was singing and rocking with the band through the whole concert. I think he has seen a show or 2. Then another little boy whose dad runs the sound was over at the merchandise booth. He was 5 and his name was William and he sold alot! Sure was fun.

Fair word of the Day is -

ChickClick - that defines me, Brandy, Sheila, and Anita. Because we all love each other so much and are always together.

Bonus word :

Manstration - because right now all of our men going through their periods because all the women folk are working and they have to suck it up and do it all! Hmm just like we do all year huh!

Tonight is Keith Anderson and I will be sure and take the camera!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

WTF Cowboys!!!!

I am highly disappointed that the Cowboys lost yesterday. I know it is all my fault too. Sorry to all the cowboy fans. It is because I wasnt at home wearing my Witten jersey - I am at the stupid fair! Fair should stop when the boys are playing! I just wish they had hung in there for me but NOOO - couldnt take one for me once - just once! My relationship seems to be one sided. Oh well I hope this is the last loss of the season.

Day 4 at the Fair

Look at silly Brandy!!! It is cold cold today and this is her get up! Just love it! She has cracked us up.
So the concert last night was the LeRoy Van Dyke Country gold tour. WOW now that was a snoozing show. Sheila and I actually saw a lady sleeping in the crowd.
Word of the Day is :
BIGMONGOUS - means it is so big that is bigger than it should be. Like her boobs are bigmongous - or look at her butt - that thing is way bigmongous!
Yes we know we are getting a little ditzy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 3 at the Fair

Here is the lead singer of Everclear - they had a really good crowd last nite. But their merchandise dude was BORING BORING!! Not nearly as cool as the Emerson Drive guy.

So as most of you know Sheila is our Amish stalker. Since she has moved to Inola (BFE) she lives near some Amish and has become obsessed by them. So I made one of her life long dreams come true and was able to capture this beautiful shot of her with them. We are such dorks but it was HILARIOUS at the time. See it is these little things that make us happy and keep the fair fun for us.
Ok now for the word of the day -
BIGPIMPIN - dressing like a pimp. And let me tell you there is a lot of bigpimpin going on out here!!! LOL!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 2 at the Fair

Sheila and I got to meet Emerson Drive and they were hot hot - even from the backside. We had so much fun with their merchandise seller - he had an awesome personality!
So Fair Word for the Day is :
G-TARD - which is a suburban white kid that wishes he was from the ghetto! We loved that one!
Stay tuned we already have tomorrow's word - so get ready!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Candy Coburn

Candy Coburn played on the Oklahoma Stage last nite. She is so dang cute and extremely friendly. Candy is the first artist I have seen go the merchandise booth and talk, sign stuff, and take pictures. She took her time with each and every person. But she is a little spitfire - she was wore out from wearing her hooker boots - her words not mine - she had us all giggling. Oh and her husband is just plain eye candy. Glad she was here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 1 of the Fair

The gates open at 5 today and we just had a nice rain storm to wash the grounds down. We will definitley need another storm mid next week to wash some of the carney funk out. See attached picture - this is a fair carney! However this guy looks kind of cleaned up compared to what I have seen out here.

Fair words we have come up with so far today!

Sheila and I were informed to not call them carneys - they are entertainment specialist. That kind of scares me.

Also had a Army sergeant call to pay for his booth - however he called it a foot print. So this fair we will be walking to gaze at everyones foot prints - not booths!

Definition of whale tail and whale with a blow hole showing is listed a few posts back!

So tonight Candy Coburn is playing on the Ok stage. She sings the pink warrior song. Kind of hope I get to meet her - as most of you know breast cancer is a little special for me.

Update you all again tomorrow - I know all of you just can't wait!