Monday, April 27, 2009

Jacob Baseball Clock

So this weekend I put on my creative hat and made a baseball clock for my little all star. I wanted to put his name on it but he said no. But so far everyone has liked it. Now I need to find skateboard stuff so I can make my skater one!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday finally!!!

So today is finally Friday!! Yeah! We had another baseball game last night and our good friend Anita came and watched with us. Jacob did an awesome job again - he hit a triple last night and rocked at catcher again. I asked him last night how he felt he was doing and he told me "Mom I know I am doing good!". That made me feel good knowing his self esteem is rising. But while Anita and I were sitting there we were noticing a nice tush that belonged to the ump in our faces - get ready here comes the sassiness I warned you about - so I told Anita that Brandy blogs about dragon farts I should blog about ump farts. LOL! I am so funny! But fortunately for us he was not gassy because we were down wind from him! So there is my funny! The week has gone well and another baseball weekend is in store. Have a good weekend all and talk to you next week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am not really sure about what to blog about today. I have lots of stuff on my mind so this blog may not make much sense but those that know me know I rarely make sense. So the Eagles lost their second game. We played an extremely good team but we did learn a lot about what NOT to do and what to work on. This baseball business is a learning experience and I think some of the rules stink - unless we are winning of course! But Jacob is still rocking it and loving it and that is all that matters. Christian just learned how to do a kick-flip on his skateboard and he is really proud of himself. Christian and I had a bonding moment last night but what we discussed is a secret between him and I. I am so proud of my Christian - he is growing up so fast and is turning into a very nice young gentlemen - at least most days. We are in teenage years now so one day I like him and one day I don't. But last night we had one of those bonding moments and it warmed my heart. I sure do wish my mom was here to see them both. She would be so proud of them. My mom has been on my mind alot lately and watching the biggest loser last night certainly didnt help me. I bawled and bawled and just wanted my mommy back. For those that dont know I lost my mom to breast cancer in October 2006. There is nothing in this world like losing a parent and those that still have their parents be glad. Both of mine are gone so I am like the orphan now at least it feels that way. I have my brother of course and I love him to death. But my life has changed so much these last few years. I do see more and more of my mom's strength in me that helps me get up every day and face the world. But there are times like today I would give anything to just have 5 more minutes or just one more I love you or just one more hug or just one more - SUZANNE SUCK IT UP! God I miss her! The pic above is mom with all her granbrats as she used to say! I love you mom!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Eagles Won their First Game

Yea- the Eagles won their first baseball game. It was so exciting watching them all play. Finally all the practices came together on Friday night. Our coach, Brian, was grinning from ear to ear after the game. Jacob played catcher and rocked at it! He had the stance down and him and Josh had their rhythm down and struck out the first 3 batters. Rock stars! Jacob's first time at bat he hit a single and stole bases to home and the second time at bat he hit a double and stole bases to home. The whole team did a great job and I am so proud of all of them. Final score was 13-1!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Skater Boy

So My other baby Christian is my skater boy!! He is just like his father it amazes me. Craig and I always say that Jacob is my mini me and Christian is his. Well that is definitely the case in the skating issue. I have no type of coordination at all and Craig can skateboard, ski, snowboard, blah, blah, blah. Christian has no fear at all but then again I have enough for the both of us and I am so amazed he hasnt broken any bones - YET! It is still hard for me to accept the fact that he is officially a teenager. But I see his dad in him more and more everyday. Let's just hope that he grows up and still acts like his dad - most of the time.

Proud Momma

So I never officially blogged that our first baseball game was a rain out and has to be re-scheduled. Tonight we are supposed to play and guess what MORE RAIN!!!! I think Jacob and I are going to die. We both are so ready for a game.

But I have to say I am one proud momma right now. I have really seen a change in Jacob since baseball has started. I have changed his nickname from monkey butt to my all star. I think he likes it better. But his self esteem has just shot through the roof. He has found his own - he has been in big brothers shadow for a long time and now he is the athlete now. He loves baseball - on practice days I come home from work and he is dressed, glove on, cup on, and water made ready to roll. I am like hey I need to get ready too stud!!! But when that boy is on the field he is someone so different than what I imagined when he started this. He really really wants to be there - he takes it serious. He has played all positions and I asked him what his favorite position was and his response was " Mom I dont care as long as I am on the field!" His attitude about baseball is better than my attitude most days. I am so proud of that kid right now! My heart is beaming!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter No More fun for us!!!

Sniff sniff! So this year my boys tell me "Mom we are to big for easter baskets and egg decorating. Just get us candy!". Yea so all I did was get them candy. Now I told my husband I feel bad maybe I should have done something. But he agreed with the kids and said they are getting to old for that kind of stuff. So I guess I now have to deal with the fact that my kids are getting older. It sucks too! They know who Santa is now and they now dont want to hunt eggs! If they tell me they arent dressing up for Halloween I may go off the deep end!! Growing up stinks!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am an Eagle Lover

So I have been addicted the last few weeks watching this eagle nest here in Oklahoma. There is a live eagle cam on one of the local stations. I am an extremely patriotic person and watching this just gives me such joy. It is amazing to see how these eagles are with the baby and how they both take care of the baby together. By the way we have named the baby Freedom. Please see the link and enjoy.

It takes a minute for the camera to load.

Also will check in on this nest occasionally - there is 3 babies in this nest.

Just gives me hope that America and American's can survive anything!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here I am

So I am now an official blogger. Who has the bestest boss who sets up your blog and would rather you blog than work? That would be me! Yea I know its awesome.

So here is a little about me - I have been married to my wonderful husband for 15 years. He is my rock and I am one lucky woman to have him not only as my best friend but the best dad to my boys. Christian and Jacob are our little rugrats. Christian is our Christmas baby and he just turned 13 this past Christmas. Teenage hormones sure have been fun let me tell you. I only hope it gets better. Hmm and I just began the teenage years. Jacob is our all star - he just joined a baseball team - The Eagles - and he loves it. He has loved it since the first practice and I must say he is pretty good. Of course that has nothing to do with me being his mom.

But overall I am a pretty lucky girl to have such good friends and an awesome family.

First baseball game is Monday - we will keep you posted!