Monday, September 28, 2009

Have you missed me??

Well to all my 6 dear followers I will not ignore you no more. I have been a busy little momma and blogging unfortunately had to take a back seat for awhile. But the while is long gone. So my little Jacob is playing baseball for the Union Kids right now. He has learned a ton due to the fact that alot of these kids are older and have played longer. But he still rocks!

Christian is learning more and more skating tricks daily. He is going through a skinny pant phase - you know all the tiny tight skinny jeans boys are wearing right now - but I can deal with that alot better than the baggie pants that looks like you have a load of crap in your pants! He is still working for that cell phone - almost has all A's!!

So the Tulsa State Fair starts this week and Sheila and I come up with fair words every year. We will update you daily on the word of the day. Here are a few examples from last year -

A whale with her blow hole showing - that is a fat girl wearing a half shirt showing her belly button showing. Not a pretty sight at all!!

A whale tail - is a chick that wears a thong undies and shows you the t-back everytime she bends over!

So just a few to get you started!

Recently I got in contact with a long lost dear friend. Well she wasn't lost I was but we are back in contact and in the few weeks we have been talking I realize how much I have missed her. Have you ever had someone in your life that you miss and wonder what they are up too? Well that is my Angel for me. I wondered forever if she was married - had kids - all that jazz and now I know!! So if you are missing someone go find them - all it will do is bring you joy and closure.

Ok back to work! Update you all tomorrow - the Suzie Q is back!!


  1. SOOOO glad you are back!!! I thought I had lost you forever!!!!