Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am so ready to pig out!!

I am so ready to pig out at the fair! But look at this who the hell wants to eat Pork Butt - I mean really what the hell is pork butt!!! Hope they clean the colon out before the LOP's (little old people) show up. Now the turkey legs I can handle!

Now the shirt is on the Driller so it is official! Time to fly high! So they say!

But this time of year also opens up alot of emotions. On 10/15 I lost my mom 3 years ago and it hit me today that date is right around the corner. But I am bound and determined to not turn into a crying 5 year old this year. So I will eat a funnel cake and cinnamon bun for mom!
But the grounds are a buzzing now! We got our golf carts today - Yeah! It is so fun to have a golf cart and it makes me feel cool! I am important man! We went 4 wheeling in a golf cart one year - whew - fun but not so much going backwards down a steep hill with 5 people on it! Thought for sure we would flip and get killed. But the carneys - hmm what to say about carneys. Well lets just let your imagination run on that.


  1. oh yeah!!!!! Fair is here! No pork butt for me, though! LOL!

  2. pork butt is NOT your friend.

  3. I just licked my! I ♥ fair food and I have the assa to prove it!
    so since you work at the fair grounds can you sneak me in the fair? ;-)

    So sorry about your loss...yes eat some fair food in her honor...