Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter No More fun for us!!!

Sniff sniff! So this year my boys tell me "Mom we are to big for easter baskets and egg decorating. Just get us candy!". Yea so all I did was get them candy. Now I told my husband I feel bad maybe I should have done something. But he agreed with the kids and said they are getting to old for that kind of stuff. So I guess I now have to deal with the fact that my kids are getting older. It sucks too! They know who Santa is now and they now dont want to hunt eggs! If they tell me they arent dressing up for Halloween I may go off the deep end!! Growing up stinks!!!


  1. lol - but at least you can go to the bathroom by yourself!

    Also you are slowly on your way to having grandkids to spoil. SLOWLY...

  2. That "grandkids" post was NOT necessary! I disagree!! I feel your pain, because mine are growing up too!:(
    Growing up DOES stink - but on a positive note...we don't have to change poopy diapers anymore! Or smell baby formula! :) YEA US!