Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am not really sure about what to blog about today. I have lots of stuff on my mind so this blog may not make much sense but those that know me know I rarely make sense. So the Eagles lost their second game. We played an extremely good team but we did learn a lot about what NOT to do and what to work on. This baseball business is a learning experience and I think some of the rules stink - unless we are winning of course! But Jacob is still rocking it and loving it and that is all that matters. Christian just learned how to do a kick-flip on his skateboard and he is really proud of himself. Christian and I had a bonding moment last night but what we discussed is a secret between him and I. I am so proud of my Christian - he is growing up so fast and is turning into a very nice young gentlemen - at least most days. We are in teenage years now so one day I like him and one day I don't. But last night we had one of those bonding moments and it warmed my heart. I sure do wish my mom was here to see them both. She would be so proud of them. My mom has been on my mind alot lately and watching the biggest loser last night certainly didnt help me. I bawled and bawled and just wanted my mommy back. For those that dont know I lost my mom to breast cancer in October 2006. There is nothing in this world like losing a parent and those that still have their parents be glad. Both of mine are gone so I am like the orphan now at least it feels that way. I have my brother of course and I love him to death. But my life has changed so much these last few years. I do see more and more of my mom's strength in me that helps me get up every day and face the world. But there are times like today I would give anything to just have 5 more minutes or just one more I love you or just one more hug or just one more - SUZANNE SUCK IT UP! God I miss her! The pic above is mom with all her granbrats as she used to say! I love you mom!


  1. I don't know the words to say. They never seem like they mean enough or are deep enough. But I'm sorry and I'm here for you.

  2. Aww that is So sweet! If it will make you feel ANY better I can tell you "Suzanne SUCK IT UP!" a few times! :) LOL!

  3. I know without a doubt that your mom would be VERY PROUD of her little girl! You are strong and can survive anything - look what you have survived so far! You are the type of person and friend that everyone knows will be there - and I hop you know I will always be there for you when you need me! I know - stop with the sappy crap - but you know I mean it!