Friday, May 15, 2009

Grey's Anatomy

I am a die hard Grey's Anatomy Watcher! Last night was the season finally and I bawled like a baby! Why do they like to do that to me? I am too sensitive for this kind of drama!!!!

1. Why is McSteamy wanting Little Grey to move in with him? He is way to hot for her!

2. Poor Bailey - she just can't catch a break anywhere and she is such a good person.

3. George oh George - I love you but why why why!!!!!

4. Alex - shouldnt have said it - now you are gonna go crazy all next year because you said it! Yes you did I heard it and I am disappointed in you!

5. McDreamy and Meredith need to seriously need to make each other number 1 and not everything else.

6. Poor chief he just tries and never wins. Hard working with women! Trust me I do it daily.

7. I do not like the Torres story line and I can't discuss it!

8. Glad to see Christina come around with Owens. He feels so bad and I think he truly wants to take care of her and make up for his nightmare!

9. Loved the beach scenes between Denny and Izzy. God that man is so freakin hot!

10. Dang season finales - now I have to wait for freakin months to see it all again!


  1. you did a good job recapping without telling all the secrets. Now I want to skip work and go watch it.

  2. OMG!! I couldn't agree wtih you anymore! But I DO think George and Izzy both died! :( I love Izzy and George is such a good guy!!!