Thursday, May 7, 2009

Holy Rollers

So I have these neighbors that I like to call the holy rollers. For the first few years of being neighbors they would always preach to Craig and I and want to take our kids to church. Now I am not a religious person - my parents were not religious and I dont like people preaching at me unless I ask you to do so. But I would kindly decline. Now my holy rollers are totally making me mad and I am ready to bring on war. For the past few years I have been hanging hummingbird feeders at my house. It helps me and my boys feel closer to my mom since she loved hummingbirds. So last year I was talking with the holy rollers about the feeders and they told me how much the daughter loved watching the birds eat. SOOOOO that brings me to this year. I went to hang my feeders and noticed the holy rollers also had some feeders. LIKE 7 of them!!!!! Hello - is that really necessary - 7. I could see one or two but 7!!! How rude is that?! Is this how good Christians act? They are trying to steal my birds!!! See it is people like that - that turn me off from religion. But those holy rollers better watch out - I may have to go and buy me a sling shot!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry. Maybe the birds will realize that your feeders are da bomb and their feeders are dumb.