Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 1 of the Fair

The gates open at 5 today and we just had a nice rain storm to wash the grounds down. We will definitley need another storm mid next week to wash some of the carney funk out. See attached picture - this is a fair carney! However this guy looks kind of cleaned up compared to what I have seen out here.

Fair words we have come up with so far today!

Sheila and I were informed to not call them carneys - they are entertainment specialist. That kind of scares me.

Also had a Army sergeant call to pay for his booth - however he called it a foot print. So this fair we will be walking to gaze at everyones foot prints - not booths!

Definition of whale tail and whale with a blow hole showing is listed a few posts back!

So tonight Candy Coburn is playing on the Ok stage. She sings the pink warrior song. Kind of hope I get to meet her - as most of you know breast cancer is a little special for me.

Update you all again tomorrow - I know all of you just can't wait!


  1. LOVE the picture. but that's the mild example

  2. Day 1 of fair? OMG! How many more do we have to go? LOL!

  3. well lets just see what the 'entertainment specialist' looks like after a few days LOL

    luvin your fair terms/words!