Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 10 at the Fair!

Tonight was Shinedown!! Brandy and I worked our butts off but we had a total blast! The crowd was ginormous! Yes ginormous! Shinedown said it was the largest crowd they have played for to date. Oh yea at the Tulsa State Fair!
Shinedown on the stage! They sounded AWESOME! We found out through the merchandise girl Teresa that the lead singer has had the flu for 4 days and you couldnt even tell he was sick! But Teresa is his girl so she would know!

Oh yea I got to meet them!!! I was doing a major happy dance after this shot! Shinedown and their whole crew was awesome to work with! I hope they come back to Tulsa.

Here was their playlist! Awesome awesome and oh yea did I say awesome!!

I have to say this was the best fair night for me this fair! Preston got me a signed poster - Teresa gave me a free shirt - then got to meet them! Total awesome night!

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