Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 4 at the Fair

Look at silly Brandy!!! It is cold cold today and this is her get up! Just love it! She has cracked us up.
So the concert last night was the LeRoy Van Dyke Country gold tour. WOW now that was a snoozing show. Sheila and I actually saw a lady sleeping in the crowd.
Word of the Day is :
BIGMONGOUS - means it is so big that is bigger than it should be. Like her boobs are bigmongous - or look at her butt - that thing is way bigmongous!
Yes we know we are getting a little ditzy!


  1. LOL@the word of the day i LOVE it!!!
    Look how cute Brandy looks-it WAS chilly

    I cant believe I have 3 bloggy friends that work at expo square