Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Family Pics!!!

So this past weekend our good friend Bridgette called and said lets go take some fall pics of the family! Me loving fall said SWEET lets do it! Here is a few of the pics!

My boys by our favorite tree at Mcclure Park! It is so pretty! Look at my handsome men!

God I love this man! You are my rock babe!

I love this picture of my boys. They look so sweet and innocent - which we all know better. But they sure are awesome. Of course they are - they belong to me!

This is my favorite family picture. It hides my fat!!!! LOL! But I love these pictures - Bridgette did a great job!


  1. I love love love love the pictures!

  2. Lovely photos. I have five young boys, so it's like looking into the future!