Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally Friday!

I am so glad that it is Friday! I can finally sleep in after 3 weeks of getting up early. Yea I can't wait to NOT hear the alarm clock! I know I am sad if this is what it takes to make me happy.

But I can watch football, get my haircut, shop a little, and did I mention sleep?? Plus I am sure I will spend a few hours talking to my girl Angel. Her mom sure did give her the right name. I always do the -Poor me-thing but after hearing about her I really should not complain. I really missed her and now I feel complete and if you read any of our emails you would think we were lesbians. LOL! We are far from being lesbians! I really missed her. It is funny how people can come and go in your life but some are in your heart forever. She has been in my heart ever since I met her. I love ya girlie!!!

Ok now wipe your eyes and suck it up and live people!

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