Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 6 at the Fair

Keith Anderson was tonight! We had an awesome view as you can tell. I took our beach towel for Sheila so she could wipe her chin from all the drool!

Here he is getting ready for his encore!

Sheila was really wanting to get in that box so she could go on the bus! But it was locked - sorry Sheila!

Look at these 2 crazy nuts. Brandy is FINALLY feeling more human so she is ready to have some fun and boy did she!
Words of the Day - (because one just isn't enough)
Flatbaby - our laptop that has become a part of our possy.
LL - lesbian lovers - Sheila and Brandy are LL's - but I keep telling them to keep it on the DL - down low!
Mean Mugging - that is all the people that are giving us dirty looks because they have to walk and we have a golf cart. They mean mug us! Sorry bout ya!
Here is a sentence using all our words of the day.
I will beat you with the flatbaby for mean mugging my LL!

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